Monday, March 26, 2018

Why Kids Should Have Booths at a Maker Faire

For this video my dad asked me if I could make a quick video for a group of teacher he works with about what I've learned by having my Rosie's Robots booth at many Maker events over the past few years. This video is just my thoughts and opinion on what kids can learn and why they should do it. I've had booths at STEAM events for different education groups, I've had tables at both the Buffalo Science Museum and the Rochester Science Museum for special event days, Rochester Mini Maker Faire for several years, Fredonia Mini Maker Faire for several years, the Wellsville School Maker Faire, the FLX Maker Expo, and Barns and Noble Maker Faire. This year I'll be at the Twin Tiers Maker Expo, Buffalo Mini Maker Faire, Fredonia Mini Maker Faire, and I am going to be a co-chair person with the Rochester Mini Maker Faire this. I have also been selected to be the guest speaker at the Rochester Science Museum's STEM Awards Dinner when they have the event in the fall. I've learned a lot by just doing this. I had my first booth when I was just 8 at the Rochester Science Museum, and years later I still love having a booth and going to events.

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