Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Maker Faire Rochester

          I mentioned in my last post the I would inform all of you about Maker Faire Rochester. Recently we have become a two day event, which has allowed us to be a Maker Faire instead of a "Mini Maker Faire." Also I am now a co-chair for Maker Faire Rochester which will be held at the Riverside Convention center in Rochester, New York  on November 16th - 17th. The first day is a student STEAM fest day for students only. The second day however is open to the public.
          At Maker Faire Rochester we have a booth for everyone no matter your age. We have everything from art to technology, whatever you like we have it. If you like to paint, make cosplays, build a robot, dance, design, sew, build, program, and so much more than Maker Faire Rochester is just were you should be. Plus you can bring your entire family. Hope to see you there!

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